Proxy in front of proxy's

Maybe i am now cursing against some proxy host providers.
Last year i ran into problems of not enough authorative ip’s on some proxy hosters. To fix that i build mine own proxy server in front of it. This way i only have to configure of mine own proxy servers and can switch from proxy provider on the backend.
I even reroute all the google stuff to dedicated ip’s. Captcha/google problems are now moved to some designated ip’s . So i do not have refresh that many proxy 's.
I can tell you squid is mine friend. It is easy to setup and worth it if you do more then just posting on IG, twitter and sorts.


So redirects, i think the crawlers will catch you if there are all redirects, no matter how many times you bounce…

Is not redirecting is. Is more getting in control of your proxy’s. It has nothing to do with hiding more (Except the google). And if you combine recaptcha requests with residental ip’s you know there can be some lag. Now i reroute the recaptcha’s by dedicated ip’s i have less failures. And a fun thing is if you work with some trusty friends your can share the expencive proxy’s. And you can even block them to visit the site you are using or only permitting certain sites.
Like you do IG and your “friend” uses only pinterest.
Same proxy but not influencing each other.

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Had to lol at this… unfortunately not so much my friend yet, this method you are describing is a bit over my head and I think beyond the understanding of most people here.

But I have heard that one of the proxy providers on this forum also uses some similar type of system to what you are doing. Sounds very good/useful.

Squid is not that hard. It works like firewall rules. Just follows the basic instructions. Just the manual is sometimes hard to read.

I had a cheer when i got it running after 2-3 hours and found the solution. And excel is your friend if you need to make 100+ config rules when you use that many upstream proxy’s.

Just thinking what else would be fun to do with proxy’s rules. Still want to look into creating rotating proxy on command. Like it detects an url requests that make it switch to a new ip.

Just some thoughts.

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I used proxifier once (that’s not a proxy server, I know), and in there you could configure different proxies to use for different apps/outgoing IP’s, using a rules based system. So I guess its similar, also like configuring a firewall as you say.

I think most people who deal with this kind of stuff are the proxy providers themselves (even though a lot of them seem to be not so high tech experts after all… that’s another story).

A lot of people on this forum make their own proxies for their own use, maybe something for you to consider too, since you where having issues with proxy providers and sounds like you know your way around Linux/Servers.

I made a few proxies too, with help since I am weak in using Linux and details of networking/server management, but now found a provider I am happy with so I just buy the proxies. Its nice to have some of your ‘own’ proxies though, and to learn all this stuff, for science :man_student::grin:

Building proxy’s are not the problem. But access to (mobile/residential) IP addresses and a good management suite to manage it is more work. I’m already testing a 8 channel (sim) product that you just hookup to your network. Not stable enough yet. Have again free time this weekend. And you can also double it as a phone verification host on those sims. (SMS already working). Just looking for an better voice to text option.


Hey, Ronaldod, i got into squid a while back but never finished implementing it. Do you think i can get your contact information if i need some help setting this up? I have multiple locations i want to set this up at.

Yeah DM me om MPsocial.

Hi @ronaldod! Did you ever managed to get multiple 4g proxy working on the same server (i’m using a raspi 3b+) , but only managed to get one working, i struggle with multiple NI…