Proxy IP from same class

Hello, I have a question regarding proxies if you could help me
I have created my own proxy server on a vps in my country and I have 100 IPs and only 4 different classes. Meaning that I have 25 IPs from same class like:


How bad is that? Does anyone know?
Also I want to mention that my purpose is not blackhat but whitehat
Thank you!!

I don’t think it will represent huge problem. Proxy providers do similar thing. When you buy proxies you’ll get proxies from, as you said, same class, maybe 3-4 different classes.

Ideally it’s best to get proxies from different C class, however that might be hard for you as you have 100 proxies… and yeah, you’ll get something similar from proxy providers as well.

I know this is from 2.5 years ago, but since my question fits the thread I didn’t wanna open a new one:

I know something like and is not ideal for acc creation using your own 4g connection, but what about e. g. and Is that safer/better or is it still not that safe…

Thank you :slight_smile: