Proxy makers? I have a question

Hey, is it enough to just have a 4g modem and data connection to be able to use it as your own 4g proxy? or do you need extra things. I want to trial one out and see how it goes.

Here’s what you would need:

1.Raspberry pi 3B+
2.Unlocked 4g Modem
3.Sim Card
4.Internet Connection(WiFi)
5.Micro SD Card

After this,there are some steps where you have to download raspberry pi OS and some commands after that,either you can do the commands manually or get automated 4g making scripts availaible online,depends on you.

If you are a tech savvy,You can also enable usbreset in order to get custom time rotating 4g proxies or else the same option,get an automated script😉

Or else,simply hire a developer for your custom requests if you don’t want to manage the mess yourself.

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Do you need the raspberry and the modem unlocked if it’s just for personal use? Or is it needed no matter what?

I have a developer friend that said he will write me a script to rotate the proxy

Yes you need to tamper with your WiFi settings,if you are going to buy an automated script then you won’t need the raspberry pi and the technical stuff,the script automatically makes a 4g proxy from a dongle.

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Yeah my friend is an ethical hacker and coder and knows how to write scripts for rotating them. Is that the only script needed?

Also does the modem need to be unlocked? Im from new Zealand and most mobile broadband services force you to use a locked modem they provide.

Then if this works am I able to use more modems and add more proxies? I run m/s

You need a modem to run the setup but you would need dongles to make 4g proxies.

You need unlocked dongles basically.

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Thanks. My friend has a pi and is letting me use it to test

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hi let me know if you need help