Proxy or Vps for US account?

Hi, I need to run USA accounts like youtube, fb, google ,ig, etc, so is a USA VPS necessary or just a US dedicated proxy will do?

I tried Azure USA vps and it’s very laggy for me as I’m from the other side of US.

I just DON’T want google, fb to even get 1% smell that I am spoofing the location.

So, can I use firefox portable + USA proxy (which kind please?) to work properly? Or I can just a EU VPS and use USA proxy in there? How will the VPS protect me here than the proxy?

Can’t afford multilogin app at the moment so looking for an alternate solution.

Please help me understand.

Anyone can tell on this pls?

If you want to run multiple accounts you need to use proxy, if you just want a remote pc then VPS is enough, they will detect is a datacenter IP, which should be ok in most of the cases.

Here the question remains in how many acc you want to run, bec with 1 Vps you should only use 1 or 2 acc per platform max.