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Hello and welcome to ProxySeller!

We provide high-quality private Residential, IPv4, IPv6, ISP and Mobile 4G LTE proxies

Our proxies work well with:

  • Social media;
  • Web Scraping;
  • Gaming;
  • Sneaker websites;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Crypto;
  • Other purposes, that are not forbidden in our terms.

What are Residential Proxies?
The most efficient and anonymous residential proxies, offering optional rotation or static IP addresses across over 220 countries. The main characteristics of this type of proxy are:

  • 15M+ Residential IPs: More than 15 million residential IPs are sourced globally, offering unrestricted speed and flow. Precise targeting down to the city and ISP levels
  • 99% Uptime: Our stable servers are continuously monitored, including intelligent load balancers
  • 0 Risk: The high trust indicator enabling you to bypass various types of blocks, and emulate human actions safely, eliminating the risk of getting blocked

The prices for the tariffs are as follows:

You can use dynamic mobile 4G proxies with the help of which you can work with a lot of accounts simultaneously or static IPv4/IPv6 proxies for each your account. All our proxies are private and anonymous!

Also, we have the function of using API documentation. And also a lot of useful features, such as an affiliate program for each user you attracted, an internal balance on the site and auto-delivery. We also guarantee 99% uptime, high speed, 24/7 tech support and a variety of subnets for most large locations.
Available 4G LTE geolocations: USA, France, UK, Italy, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Czechia, Romania, Australia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, India

Mobile proxies ’ prices start from $18!

IPv4 geolocations:

IPv4 proxy prices start from $0.75!

:exclamation: The list of available countries is constantly updated!

Discounts on IPv4 proxies:

Discount for buying 5 package proxies and more - 5%
Discount for buying 25 package proxies and more - 10%
Discount for buying 50 package proxies and more - 15%
Discount for buying 100 package proxies and more - 20%
Discount for buying 250 package proxies and more - 30%
Discount for buying 500 package proxies and more - 35%
Discount for buying 1000 package proxies and more - 40%
Discount for buying 2000 package proxies and more - 45%

Discounts on Mobile 4G/5G proxies:

Discount for buying 3 package proxies and more - 3%
Discount for buying 5 package proxies and more - 5%
Discount for buying 10 package proxies and more - 7%
Discount for buying 20 package proxies and more - 10%
Discount for buying 30 package proxies and more - 15%
Discount for buying 50 package proxies and more - 20%

Discounts for ISP and IPv6 types of proxies are also available on the site. You can check them in the corresponding sections or by contacting our online support chat on the site.

Refund policy:

You can check the proxies for your purpose for any criteria you may need after purchase, and Proxy-Seller gives you a possibility to get a refund in the first 24 hours after the purchase in case the proxies are not suitable for you. Just contact our support on the website or via any of the convenient ways in the «Contacts» tab and we will help you with a refund.

Want to know more about our proxies? Please read FAQ and Blog


Our contacts:

Facebook: sellerproxy
Telegram: @proxyseller_com

:pushpin: Sales thread approved. Good luck!

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I need better rates for German LTE proxies! Willing to take 30+ proxies with 6-12 months commitment. But the current rates even with the discounts you apply automatically are too expensive. Any chance we can come together on this?

Hello! We regularly publish various promo codes and discounts for various types of proxies - from 10 to 20 percent, and we will duplicate all discounts on this forum as well. So you can take advantage of such discounts to get an even bigger discount on your proxy purchase in addition to discounts on proxy packages and long term rentals.

Write us a private message regarding your proxy budget and I will pass all the information directly to the department dealing with mobile proxies, maybe we can find some interesting offer for you.

Check your private messages, we have sent you a request.

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Black Friday discount on Proxy-Seller! :shopping:

We are launching a new promo code for Proxy-Seller users. It is active for all Static Proxies on the site - ISP, IPv4 and IPv6.

Promo code: BULKDEAL

You can use it to get the following discount:

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We remind you that regular discounts on proxy packs also apply, and this promo code also gives you the opportunity to get an additional discount on proxy purchases.

The promo code is valid till 24.11.2023 included. :shopping_cart:

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Bypassing exchange restrictions for Crypto arbitrage

The topic of cryptocurrencies as such is perhaps one of the most discussed in the world in recent years. The huge opportunities that blockchain opens up for users cannot be overestimated. But cryptocurrencies are not only an alternative option for storing personal funds but also a great way to make a profit. There are plenty of options for earning money in cryptocurrencies, but one of the most buzzed about in the last year is crypto arbitrage.

For those who are not familiar with what is crypto arbitrage, as well as for those who have heard about it but do not know how it works, we have prepared today’s material. We will talk in detail about what types of crypto arbitrage exist, how crypto arbitrage works, potential risks, and how proxies can help you earn more and bypass various restrictions.

You can read the article here

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Introducing Mobile Panel📱

We’re excited to announce the availability of our new platform for creating and managing your own mobile proxies.

Our solution makes creating and managing mobile proxies simple, without the need for specialized knowledge or skills in network technologies and programming.

The platform is customized to meet each user’s needs:

• Do you already have equipment? - We offer integration options through a multifunctional control panel.

• In need of equipment? - We provide kits that are easy to install.

View catalog

Key features:

• Quick and automated equipment setup;

• Advanced management functions through the control panel;

• Versatility for both personal and commercial use.

For a comprehensive overview and step-by-step instructions on creating and managing your mobile proxies, refer to our detailed article.

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Cybermonday is here!

Greetings to all Proxy-Seller users! We are glad to present to your attention our promo code for 15% discount on all types of proxies on the site

:mega: Promo code: CYBERMONDAY

This promo code is active until 29.11.2023 inclusive, the number of orders you can place during this period is unlimited.

Happy shopping!

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Addition of new countries on the site!

Welcome to all Proxy-Seller users! We have added several popular countries for different proxy formats according to your requests. The site has been updated with:

ISP proxies of China :cn:

IPv4 proxies of Vietnam :vietnam:

And also do not forget that at the moment there is an active promo code for a 15% discount - CYBERMONDAY, which you can use to purchase these locations.

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.