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Proxies of the Netherlands have been added to the site! :world_map:

Welcome all users of Proxy-Seller service! We are glad to inform you that we have also added Shared Mobile Proxies of the Netherlands :netherlands: to our site.

Operator - T-Mobile, available rotation time - automatic rotation every 5 minutes. More information Here.

For any additional questions you can contact our technical support, as well as write your wishes on new countries for any types of proxies.

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Set up and manage your mobile proxies :card_file_box:

Hello everyone, we would like to remind you that on our website we have implemented a Mobile Panel with which you can create your own Mobile Proxies. Briefly about the main functions:

• We offer different options for different users - for those who have equipment and for those who don’t;

• Our team accompanies you in all steps, including with panel setup and equipment delivery;

• A convenient panel where you can manage your proxies - set up rotation, modems and more. Full customization individually for your tasks.

➯ For a comprehensive overview and step-by-step instructions on creating and managing your mobile proxies, refer to our detailed article, and you can also check out the Сatalog.

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

:fire: Flash-Discount on Proxy-Seller!

You can get a 15% discount on all types of proxies on the website - Mobile 4G/5G, Static ISP, IPv4, IPv6 and Residential ones.

:mega: Promo code: QUICKSAVE15

Promo code is active for 4 hours from the moment of publication, the number of orders you can place during this period is unlimited.

Hurry up to place an order at profitable rates! :shopping_cart:

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Setting up a proxy in the Potatso Lite :green_apple:

Potatso Lite is an iOS tool that simplifies setting up a proxy. It supports several protocols, including Shadowsocks, ShadowsocksR, HTTP, and Socks5. This proxy client operates in the background, allowing you to route traffic over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. With Potatso Lite, you can bypass geo-blocking, download apps not available in your region, and browse the web anonymously.

You can read the article here

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

:arrow_forward: Anti-detect browser review - Octo Browser

We continue to review the best anti-detect browsers on the market. Today we are reviewing Octo Browser, a rapidly gaining popularity as an anti-detect browser due to its extensive functionality and convenience in usage.

In this video we will discuss all the main points - functionality, tariff plans, interface and show you how you can create a profile using proxy in Octo Browser anti-detect browser.

You can watch the video here

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

Step-by-step proxy settings in Incogniton :gear:

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser designed to manage a large number of accounts from one device. With this tool, you can securely and anonymously engage in social media promotion, data scraping, SEO optimization, and more. But to fully protect yourself from blocking, we recommend setting up a proxy server.

Continuing our series of materials about anti-detection browsers, in today’s article we will figure out how to properly configure a proxy in the Incogniton browser

You can read the article here

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller.

New countries and price reduction on Mobile Proxies! :placard:

Welcome to all users of Proxy-Seller service! We have some important news about Mobile Proxies that will definitely be of interest to you.

:world_map: We have added 5G Mobile proxies for the following countries:

:england: England - Operator Three, rotation is automatic 5 minutes or by link;

:es: Spain - Operator Movistar, rotation is automatic 5 minutes or by link;

More information about the tariffs here

:bell: Also the prices for some positions of Mobile Proxies were reduced on the site (the price is indicated for a monthly rental period):

:bulgaria: Bulgaria - from 90$ to 69$

:es: Spain - from 109$ to 99$

:poland: Poland - from 55$ to 49$

:romania: Romania - from 89$ to 69$

:kazakhstan: Kazakhstan - Beeline operator from 69$ to 55$, Altel operator from 60$ to 49$

Sincerely, Proxy-Seller