Proxy Service Price Cheat Sheet


Hi all,

New to the forum, but I put together a pricing cheat sheet for the first 15 or so proxy service providers that popped up on search, and thought it might be helpful to some. This is as of today, 6/10/19 at ~10pm PST.

Edit: The monthly price is for a monthly subscription; if you buy more time up front, the monthly pricing could improve depending on the service.

Edit2: None of these are affiliate links.


Thanks for sharing dude.
I will check it with my provider.
Thanks a lot.


Does anyone of there Provide Mobile Proxies!


We do. :sunglasses:


A few of them do, but the pricing varies based on data usage - what’s your typical monthly data usage per proxy? Is there a GB amount most people choose?


@alossra if there is a usual GB usage amount for mobile proxy users (would 5GB suffice?), I’m happy to pull a pricing grid for that tier. Will also be useful to me in the future as I build out my setup. Let me know! :relaxed:


Wow thanks for this, i never knew some of them :+1:t3:


Thanks for putting this together!


Thank you for your work, I think it will be useful for someone


Dissapointed, no MP sellers, which are by far the best among the mentioned above :thinking::sweat_smile:


These are from the first few pages of search results. Who should I include in the comparison from MP?


There aren’t many proxy sellers here, since the marketplace is aimed towards the consumer everyone is deliver quality - or they are reported and kindly asked to leave (Valar in this case to anyone reading in the future).


I recommend myprivateproxy from this list :+1: works great for me :white_check_mark:


They are DC, right?


Got it - it sounds like mobile proxy sources are pretty well-covered (and everyone around here recommends @HenryCooper).

Would it be useful to have a price comparison for Residential Proxies as well?


Yes myprivateproxy has DC proxies - different tiers, so there are private proxies, IG proxies, and sneaker proxies, but they’re all DC from what I can tell.


I don’t think the DC proxies has future behind them at all, especially in Instagram