Proxy site in Asia help please

Hi help. Newbie to the whole proxy thing. I’m going to need 1 proxy. And I checked some of the sites suggested and there is no option to change location. I prefer in asia like philippines or singapore since those are the place I frequent.I already have 2 IG accounts running in my location and want to add another one. And I read from here you can only use up to max 2 accounts in 1 location.I also read that changing location can raise questions. So i prefer proxies from the locations I mentioned.

i’m also keen to find proxies in Asia, especially Singapore.

does anyone know of proxies providers there?

it probably wont even matter since the proxy will be a datacenter IP, so either way you’re bound to get some kind of a roadblock when you switch.

so its best if you just use the more common ones which is US/EU. Plus,Asian ip will cost you a hefty sum.

If you dont mind paying, spin up a digital ocean vps and use one of the 3proxy guide here to set up your own.

I’ll still be uploading using my phone so IP would be in asia. If I buy proxy from US/EU is ok that IG is being used in different locations? It’s not my account I dont have access to the email.

You would have to use the proxy when connecting to those accounts from all devices. Choose a provider that will give you user:pass auth.

But for only 1 proxy, its hard to find. Usually they sell at 5. You can set it up for yourselves, that will cost you around $2

check this out

for USD2.8/month you can pay for just one proxy monthly, most other proxy providers make you pay for at least five, or ten minimumly.

you could set your account to use that proxy in massplanner, then use the same proxy on your phone by configuring the manual proxy settings in your phone.
here’s how to do it in android

however, this only works on wifi networks, it won’t work on 3G/4G connections.

then, make sure as you are posting new images in your phone, your massplanner is not executing any actions

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