Proxy suggestions for mass botting

Hi all. This is my first post here. Yesterday I bought a software that sends DMs to your targets, and 1500 aged, email verified accounts (to reduce chances of being disabled). What proxies do you recommend I should use for doing mass DMing? I want it to last as long term as possible, I will only be sending 10 dms per account daily, so it doesnt look as a spam.

There are so many kind of proxies but I can’t tell the differance, how many and what type will I need for 1500 accounts that I want to last longterm? My goal is sending 15.000 DMs daily for the next 5-6 months.

I have lost many money testing, I tried many differant type of combinations but all accounts die.
I should have asked you earlier :slight_smile:

So now I decided to buy aged accounts that are very safe

But I need your opinion first

Sending dms in mass to non followers will always be semi dodgy. So, they won’t last as long as if they were your followers. Can’t give you my proxy source unfortunately as it will get the ips flagged which will interfere with my setup

It’s good that you’re asking now, and yes, most likely you’d be wasting your hard-earned money trying to use ipv6 proxies to send mass DMs.
Honestly, this is an awful approach ( I can say that because I have also made that mistake…).
Can you guarantee those accounts are solid? - No
Can you guarantee your software is working? - No

You can run around trying 10s of proxy providers and start blaming them all, while the real issue would be your accounts ( not necessarily saying they are ofc.)

Maybe your accounts have been created on the shadiest Russian subnets with Ukrainian emails and the shitties ipv6 proxies would work, while the quality ones would be struggling to.

I don’t mean to discourage you, but just to put this into perspective, many people on this forum have been doing this for years and we still have to keep testing every day to stay in the game.
There used to be some reputable members selling consultations on the marketplace.

I’m not promoting them, but my suggestion would be to get on a call and pick their brains for few hours. It will cost you 500$-1k$~ which might seem a lot at first, but that’s what you’d spend on testing anyway (and you still might not find the working combo for yourself) plus many hours of pulling your hair.

Just use 4g/resi proxies and you will be fine. Either option you choose just ask for a trial and if they don’t provide just go with the next provider. Good luck!

Hi, that is ok friend. Can I just ask what type of proxies you use? Not your provider :slight_smile: IPv6 or 4g?

I use residential ones

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate very much :smiley:

Unfortunately someone has charged me $500 just to tell me software name, and the rest of budget is spent on the accounts so I don’t have much spare for paying consultation. I can just do small volume tests :confused:

Thanks for reply!! Does residential mean IPv4?

Residential means “Home” IPs - can be IPv6 or IPv4
Usually IPs from broadband/cable ISPs designated for residential use (not business-class internet)

thank you! and how many accounts per 1 residential IP is safe? trying to see if I can make it worth it :smiley:

I suggest 4G proxies for super stability and less blocks because you are going to do spam attacks by DMs. 4G Proxies will improve your trust score in IG algo. These days IG know people started Spamming with residential proxies also and IG can easily determine the residential IPs by ISP name. Which bot you have bought can you tell me so I can suggest you some techniques.

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yes, I too am interested to know what software OP is using