Proxys that work for YouTube?

Anyone use Jarvee or any other automation tool for YouTube? any proxys for youtube that can go by undetected? IM assuming it would have to be a mobile one.

Everything can be detected these days. Youtube works with ipv6 as well, maybe you should try it with v6

you sure they work with Ipv6? i checked and it didnt seem like it

yes it works with v6 unless your provider is blocking it. All google websites works with v6

I use zProxies iPv6 :+1: unlimited bandwidth and fast.

will check it, they work on YouTube? or nah

What do you intend to do with proxies? Just run accounts and do some actions or you wanna get 100s or 1000s views with your own accounts?

Mostly watch time, Obviously i wont have them just watch my videos i have them watching hundreds of competitors websites as well.

It wont work, it is not just IP, google detect everything, best bet is using micro workers

Micro workers?

yes, paying low cost micro workers to watch anyone channel on their gadget, or use some black hat technique to embed your video on pages unknowingly by the “viewers”

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Hmmm not a bad idea, can they detect emulators tho?

which emulators ? android emulators like bluestack ? off course they do, they own android

I’m sure there’s an emulator they can’t detect wh?

how ? i mean where to do that and how much does it cost?

how to do that ? do you have tutorial to embed video on pages unknowingly ? thanks