Purchasing IG Accounts Through FlipMass

Hey guys, there’s a lot of secrecy behind flipmass.com and I hear many rumors about what their requirements are. If anyone is a part of this influencer network or knows how to become a part of it, I’d greatly appreciate the info!


You can send them message here https://signup.flipmass.com/ you can become member easy, just need to have some account that you can sell, or I think you can even join without some big ig account if you want to just buy accounts.

Now they need invite code from inside members.

Really, when did they changed that? My friend created his account like 2 weeks ago, he didn’t need to send any code.

I’m not sure, but I’ve been emailing them and messaging them with the chat box on their site. Every time they just send me to the sign up form which only has an input field for an invite code. I told them I don’t have an invite code and their response was that I need one to sign up. Can your friend give you an invite code? I would really appreciate it!!! I’ve been trying for a while now with no luck.

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Are there any influencer networks you can join and promote content with other people to grow faster? Is this similar or is it only for selling accounts? I have almost 15k followers hahah

Yeah you can meet other people on this platform but it’s also a place to safely buy/sell accounts. I reach out to influencers in my niche and just ask for a shout for shout. With 15k followers you can definitely get people to do s4s with.

Where? What are my options? Sorry if I’m bothering you

On whatever platform you’re on. Just identify the influencers and start looking at recommended accounts. When you see people who have followers around 20k or below just send them a DM asking if they want to s4s

Also i am searching for an invitation code.

Please anynone in this forum?

I was able to get on by messaging them on their website and showing them an account with 20,000 followers and good engagement… How many followers do you have?

One account just hit 50,000 followers, i have a few more that are 30k+. I did the same thing, sent them direct links to the accounts I own too, but they turned me away and said that I need an invite code. Would you mind sending me your invite link? I still haven’t had any luck

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Dm me your accounts! I’ll look into the invite code now.


I’ve never even heard about FlipMass. Their site is pretty secretive. Let us know if you do gain access as I’d love to find out more.

First time I’m hearing of Flipmass as well. Set up in 2016, and no social media presence? I’d say they’re doing something RIGHT!

Signed up as an advertiser and got a mail that someone will be in touch with me. Let’s see how it works out. Will update if something interesting happens.

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I don’t understand about this invite code, my other friend just created new account, you don’t need any code…

This is for the influencer account, not the advertiser account.

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What is your goal on flipmass? Buy and sell accounts, or sell shoutouts or something else?

hey how can i dm you? I am trying to get an invite code too please

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If anyone has GroupMe, I’m in the Flipmass chat and can connect you with Stephen (owner) on there.

Edit: PM me your groupme contact info and I’ll connect you with Stephen.

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