Purchasing IG Accounts Through FlipMass


Can I get an invite code as well?


I would also appreciate an invitation code :slight_smile:


I kindly ask for an invite code as well if possible :slight_smile:


I just joined. It seems this is for actual creators rather than just accounts with followers. So if you don’t create your own content and not a proper influencer it might not be for you. Unless you have a proper niche account with good content.

I just watched a video with the owner Stephen, he explained what it s all about and its very impressive.

I think if you email hello@flipmass.com with your @username they will respond.

They also verify you via other social media platforms, phone and email etc too. This closes it down to spammers and crappy profiles which is great.

Big thumbs up to @king_zyzz for sending me a code. Much appreciated mate.


You can call me the plug :electric_plug: anytime buddy

I am getting spammed for codes, I have no clue how many people you can invite but here it is:

Invite code: 45968e3d


I dunno what’s happening here… But I just got access as an advertiser and all I can see are the same 20 accounts (I counted) over and over as I scroll through their influencers “list”. They have options to filter for Twitter, Insta, Snap or Facebook influencers, but the app just shows “no results found” when I try anything other than Instagram. They also have filters for a lot of niches, but obviously with just 20 accounts most of these filters turn up 0 results.

With all these posts here, there should be way more accounts in my list! They may have given me only limited access but I don’t know why they’d do that. Going to mail Stephen (the owner) about this and will update if I get any new info.


Can you please send me a code as well :v:


its literally 2 replies above you…


Hello there,
i don’t have an account with over 5k followers but i would still like to buy some accuounts with 100k+ followers but when i try to register on flipmass it says i need at least 1 accoutn with 10k+ followers is there any other way to register there to buy accounts?


Be aware that you don’t automatically get accepted just for having 10k+ followers.

We tested this on my friends account and still haven’t been accepted after going through the registration process, so must be more to it…


I have an account with 89k followers and didn’t get approved


Can you send me an invite code please


Hi i’ve been trying to get an invite code since i had 10k followers , three moths later im at 200k and still can’t get in to this flipmass app , can someone send me a code please


can i get a code please , i can’t pm you


Hi. can you please send me the invite code?





You can use my invit code : cd5bc88c :slight_smile:

This code can be used multiple times :+1:t3:


can i get a code please , please PM me. many thanks


Hey can you send invite code to me


12323013 there is a code for ya!