Purchasing Twitter Followers

Hi everyone, I have a twitter account, about 4 yrs old, with only 200 followers. I’m using a Jarvee service to grow my account by about 5 a day but if I already had 2000+ followers I could probably use that service to grow by over 50 a day.

Have any of you heard of any safe ways to purchase Twitter followers (won’t result in a ban, or followers being removed)?

I don’t mind deployment over 30 days or something like that to be safe.

thank you

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You can use panels but they wont be good quality and can drop.

I can help you out via viral/giveaway campaigns on twitter. Send me a pm.

I would not recommend buying followers especially if your account is doing good and growing nicely when buying followers you will ruin your account for good.

Hello I am interested in your viral/giveaway campaigns please dm

Where to buy them safely and for a good price?

I suggest you to create WTB thread in the #public-marketplace:want-to-buy-looking-for category and then those who offer this will be able to see you easily.

I would never recommend simply buying them. It’s proven to be the worst growth method with almost always more damage than advantages it can bring.