Push google ranking using Facebook. Is it possible?

Hi guys,
I have a thought on pushing google ranking using Facebook (or Social channel), but do not know if it works.

When we search a keyword on Google, the result page will show. Says, our website is ranked 22th with that keyword. If we right click on the search result and copy link, the link will look like this:

[https://www.google.com.vn/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=22&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjAkuqBwv7WAhXIT7wKHUk1Bas4ChAWCFgwCw&url=http://www.ptv-vietnam.com/adventure-travel/da-lat-trips/canyoning/canyoning-full-option-in-da-lat/1.html&usg=AOvVaw1Z2T49tbRpa9kkrW9NDZzz](my website rank 22 with that keyword).

If we put this link to social channel, in my case Facebook, if a user click on the link might be it is correponding to a user search for keyword and click on th 22th searched result, many many click on this will push the rank up. Is this hypothesis right?
So, if we create a Facebook Ad with option of lead to website traffic and use the previous link, Will this push the ranking up? Facebook normally will not allow to use other advert platform in their ads as link, but we can use bit.ly to shorten and hide the read domain. http://bit.ly/2yBn0ho

I am trying it, but not very sure about the hypothesis. Any helps?


A lot of SEO Experts are saying that the better CTR on G search page you have, your site has better chances to jump on results page. However, I don’t know does G track where the clicks actually came from.

It would be easy if they don’t… Just send a lot of PPV traffic to that link. On the other side, bounce rate with PPV traffic will be high so that’s not good.

Damn, it’s never that easy :slight_smile:

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This approach will not yield anything good and the hypothesis is most likely really wrong :thinking:

Might even give you a punishment on your ranking .

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I actually tried this, but not by posting the Google link on Facebook but by creating a script, using (free) proxies and sending traffic to that link which stays there for a specified amount of time.

I used to send about 100 visits daily.

You can see so many clicks in the Webmasters Console, but it didn’t impact my rankings as much.

You can try this on a churn and burn site (CPA + SEO types), results will be temporary if any at all.


The short answer is: no. It won’t affect your rankings.

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Thank guys, your replies save my time a lot. Pretty new in SEO and Social Marketing area, many online tutorials seem take long long time to have effects.
I did saw some website easily go to top search in local search even though their alexa or similarweb ranking and visits very low. Is there any efficient way to boost the local ranking?
Thank you very much.

May be they are using “Google search Bot”. I specially have no idea if it will work or not.
You said, they have low Alexa Ranking but good result in Local Search, it’s normal. They are doing SEO for boosting local search only means they work only on specified targeted keyword in specific area.

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That’s why we go Social Media route. It takes less time to see results, but don’t get me wrong, SMM also isn’t easy.

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A better way I found was to tell people to “Google xxxx” so people would type in your brand name or whatever and click the results. CTR / Clicks on your site in general from google help rankings OVER ALL your keywords, I believe this 100% and don’t even care if the Google team themselves disapprove. You’re right, if they didn’t track it you could just use PPV traffic and be #1. And apparently Google doesn’t take bounce rates into effect “to a certain extent” only if the user presses the back button to Google and clicks another websites results. This tells Google your site was crap for that keyword and the other site should rank higher.

And yes SEO blackhat/whitehat/greyhat or what ever hat you want to wear it takes MONTHS to rank properly. I’m talking 6 months, SEO is a long term game and should really only be done white/grey because of the effort it takes.

Last but not least it has been proven social signals increase your rankings so you would be better off focusing on page likes “real ones” and shares.

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Alexa and Similarweb rankings/score has nothing to do with real SEO impact.

There are ways you can manipulate Alexa rankings. But ranking 1st on Alexa makes you no better for Google; you are still the same.

SEO takes times.

But in local SEO, social signals (especially Google+) affect very very very much. Also, the number of web pages mentioning your Name, Address, Phone number in proper schema affect a lot more than links. (That’s why you should list your business on all the directories like yelp,etc.)

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Thank @imrohan, might be i will start with listing site information on directories and Google+