Putting Accounts Onto Proxies

Does it matter how long I should wait until I put another account onto the same proxy? If so, how do people that run a bulk amount of accounts input accounts into proxies if they have 100+ accounts?

I only use 1:1 for all my accounts and proxies, but I would assume waiting anywhere between a day to a couple days to be on the safe side… but I’m sure someone else can chime in on that more.

As far as loading the accounts in whatever program you’re using, just make a text file and list all the accounts in the proper format per the software and import them. For example, the software I use I load them 1 account per line in the following format ->

iguser:igpassword|proxy: port|proxyuser:proxypass

And just add each account and proxy on a new line. Refer to the instructions that came with whatever software you’re using for the proper format. And then just import them.

dataceneter proxies or what proxies exactly ?

dataceneter 1 proxy per 1 account ( spammy account )
Mobile proxy 1 proxy per 1 account ( used to Main account )
Raw Mobile proxy 1 proxy per 5-15 accounts ( depends on your account creation method )

when people use 100s of accounts they usually use residential rotating proxies

I’m using raw-mobile. Currently, I am waiting 12 hours in between putting accounts in, but if I wait the 12 hour period, it would take me 5 days just to input 10 accounts. So I was wondering if there was a faster way or do I just need to purchase more proxies?

for me i just put the accounts within 2-3 hours between each account

running for 3 weeks no issues

but i started with slow settings

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People running 100s of accounts typically use datacenter proxies to keep the cost down. Residential and mobile proxies are more common for running smaller amount of accounts… i.e. 150 or less.


thats what i meant just spelling issues for 100s to 100iesh

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You shouldn’t need to wait 12 hours, I put them every hour, with no problems.

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Can you explain why this is the case?

I do what works for me. Don’t know the level of quality of your accounts, but for mobile proxies, you shouldn’t need to wait that much to put them.

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For Raw Mobile I would wait 1-2 hours in between adding more accounts. I think that should be enough time. You can even do 3-4 hours if you want to be safer.

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