PV Ev Killing Me help?

Hey guys any advice on main accounts getting blocks? (Mainly PV and EV)? Only startimg from 20 all the way up to 100-150 follows per day… And then about 4-5 days later another PV and EV show up

I’m using 4g and Eb only. Running slaves that just use Api to scrape. Input on list into mains. Just can’t have to msg clients about their account after. A week or so

Is there something flaed with this??? Any advice? Many thanks!!

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I think you need to detail a lot more what’s going on in your process if you plan to get usefull help,

What i understood is PV/EV on main accounts (clients) after 5 days of actions on 4G proxy in JV with EB ONLY enabled.

Describe your process and how many % get it / how many don’t get it

Yeah exactly what @denis1 has said. Post a screenshot of one of the accounts follow setings so we can see what’s happening.
Are all your accounts doing this?
How did you warm them up before going to higher limits?

Hey bro, you need to provide more information such as follow settings pictures and your warm up process. Also, “very critical” account creation method and how to check proxy quality. Just because someone is selling 4G proxies doesn’t mean is of high quality. Find out if your proxies are REAL 4G and not DC masks as 4G, check if the proxies are flagged by IG. I keep saying that in today’s IG game “everything counts”

Thanks guys no these are mains not slaves.
I start with 20-30 follows per day and up 5-15 per day up to 150.
6 accounts to 4g proxy. I have 1 slave attached to each main. I do my own usernames scrapes so it lessens the load of both scraper and main, main is on EB Only.

I have had some success running no scrapers though… but recently want to try strictly EB only as there is the new ‘scrape with EB whever possible’. Only 2 out of my first batch of 12 accounts are having constant PV or EV issues. Others have the occasional PV but after a 6 digit confirmation its ready to go.

Thanks for the update, I see that you warm up process may be one of the issues, depending on the account trust score and quality of proxies the new IG algorithm will detect unusual behaviors. For example, if a customer never uses the web browser to login and execute actions and then start doing too many actions on the browser IG will block the actions on the browser but not on their official application. You need to lower your F/U settings and scale on a weekly basis to allow IG to get accustomed to see actions on the browser.

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Ohhh really? I thought it was quite low… What do you recommend?

Have you tried setting the EB call limit and enabling the delay when the eb calls exceed a certain value?

change to the API on the main accounts, it’s always a good idea to switch between the 2 and see how it goes, just make sure to start slowly and work your way up.

Thanks guys -
Im 50/50 right now, half with EBonly and half API - see how it goes

Just remember that slow and steady will get you better results. Don’t give up to the temptation of giving clients immediate results, communication is key, let them know that IG growth is a process and it takes time when done right. Unless, someone owns a large network of accounts and doing M/S, growth takes time. I personally use M/S but even with it I slowly increase the number of accounts (slaves) doing actions for the main. Good luck

yes, you are definitely right that excitement to give client results end up with blocks and verifications, you should know that most clients have no idea how IG algo operate we are the one that sufferers with it every day so we should take control of that conversation, slow and steady far more better than rush.