PV Loop - Change proxy?


My main account has around 40k followers and has been working perfectly. Never had any problems with PVs, besides the occasional one, but that seemed at the time of ban waves. It’s an account with unique content.

About 3 weeks ago I had to change my proxy as the old one just wouldn’t work properly. PV happened (like expected), no issues. Then I got an angry message with a screenshot of someone saying “stop liking ALL my pics”. Turned out the account had liked 35 pics of his. I was mortified to find out that somehow the “like max 1 pic” had been deactivated (I think it happened when my connection to the VPS was very laggy and I must have clicked on it while it was still loading the visuals). Obviously that must have happened to many people, who probably in turn must have (rightfully) reported me.

Once I noticed the mistake I quickly changed the settings, but over the last 3 weeks I must have had at least 10 PVs. Every single time it comes again, I expect that this time I get banned… and then I don’t.

What do you guys think I could do to get rid of them? I didn’t have them for nearly a week last week, but this week they’re nearly daily. Shall I stop actions for a while? Shall I change the proxy again (and use the trick where I keep the old one before swapping and click “it was me” to avoid another PV).

Thanks for your advise!! :slight_smile:

What i advised you is to lower all your settings by 20%-25% (follow,like,unfollow etc…)

my was down from 800-1000 to 600-800 a day and since then (week+) no pv at all. i own 9 accounts…

i don’t know what your settings are but i think it’s good to do this and if it helps stay with those settings for good!!!