PV only after changing picture

So I’ve warmed up quiet a few accounts in my day. I take it slow and so just for the sake of this post, assume I am warming up my accounts correctly. I change usernames, names, and bios all on different days with no problems. As soon as I change the profile images of my accounts, a PV is triggered. I saw some members of the MP team saying that anytime you upload a profile image the hash is changed. I change it myself anyways and I still get a PV. Like today, I only changed 5 account profile images and PVs were still triggered for them.

My accounts are aged 2-3 years each. If you have any insight on how I could approach going around a PV when adding profile images, I would appreciate it.

Its probably a random check to make sure you are not a bot. Sometimes the verification will sit in the profile and is forced when you update a profile. It’s optional when you are in the profile, but if you change the profile, it gets pushed to you regardless.

It doesn’t seem so random with me, since almost every time I will get a PV when I change the profile image.

Do you think that maybe IG has some other system for detecting stuff like this?

No, but it depends on how new the account is, how often you change the pic bio profile and actions per day. Accounts that I push to the limits will get the “verify profile”, it’s just another measure for them. A regular user will see this and verify. Not just hammer away at 1200 actions a day.