PV: Using your own SIM cards or SpeedyVerify legit?

I have seen a lot of people in this forum buying SIM cards for PV. I actually wanted to do that too, but I live in Germany and the registration process takes time because you have to show some Virtual Assistents your identity card and stuff like this. Doing that for every account is really time taking. Moreover in case of PV on different accounts you have to switch the SIMs of your phone everytime. On the other hand, if you get a PV you can be sure that this is your own fresh SIM card and everything will work fine. SpeedyVerify use real SIM cards they say. Did someone had long time experiences with them? This option would be easier when they really do what they say. The only bad aspect is every PV is 1$ additional to the 5$ SIM itself.

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They really do what they say. You can trust our forum with that. If they are scammers, they dont have a salesthread anymore. Send @kraadnc a DM with more questions, if you still have them.




Thank you! :slight_smile:
I have read a lot of good advices from you in the “creating accounts” section. Thank you for all the value!

I asked on SpeedyVerify because I used them before but my account didn’t worked, so good to know. Then the problem was the quality of the proxy or different stuff…

Thanks a lot!


I am in a similar situation currently looking for a solution. Also in the same country. I saw a bunch of threads where people said they get sim cards for 10 cents, probably indians or something but I wasn’t successful at all in finding a cheap solution like that. European sim cards are too expensive. Gonna check out the service you spoke about but it seems rather expensive especially for people running a lot of accounts. If you find any other method, please let me know. Thanks!


Same country here mate and I’m using @kraadnc SpeedyVerify service for more than a year now I think. running a couple of hundred Fb and IG accounts and never had an issue from their side.

Sometimes Fb or IG won’t send the codes and I am not sure if it’s because the Philippines numbers or just because Fb and IG don’t get their shit right.

Customer service for me is top notch although the waiting times are a bit long sometimes but they are working on it and I can see a change, But maybe it’s due to my timezone in Oz.


Gonna check them out!


Yes, I found this PV services with the cheap Asian numbers too. But they don’t worked for me in the past. An interesting point to think about is: in case of multiple PVs - you get different numbers for the PVs from this services - how safe is this? I don’t think the accounts will live for long time. In my opinion better spending few bucks more but having accounts for the long term.


Hey - Think about how ineffective it is to pay $6 for a single sim when in most countries you could get a data plan for $10 a month and have a free 4g proxy plus a sim.


Where do you get them? Never heard about it. And a good point for speedyverify is that you don’t have to store them and switch them in the phones all the time.


Depends which country you are in.

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I’m based in Germany. Now as you talk about location, I have to mention that the registration process in my country is a little complicated. Everytime you register a sim, you have to show your ID card for personality check to an VA and stuff like that. So basically that’s a verification for a sim for a verification. For one account that’s not a big deal but on bulk accounts it will get.

Can you tell something more about this 4g proxy + sim in detail? Which providers are out there? And are they trust worthy?

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I didn’t actually mean a service with cheap asian numbers. I mean actual sims that you own and only you. I remember reading a guide where some dude claimed he got sims for $0.10 per sim and he used them exclusively per account. You would only use them for the PV from insta and always one per account which would be the optimum as no one else would find them. Problem is, no one is stating their sources but they all said they were coming from countries like india were apparently you can get sims for these cheap prices.

Often sims from India, China, Russia etc are viewed as very low quality in IG eyes.

Try to locate a top tier country SIM cards.

What’s PV mean?

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Speedy Verify is legit, they have a bunch of VA’s that use SIM’s dedicated to you.

@dma0245 has SIM’s for sales as well (sorry Danny), and they work in many countries (Including the U.S.!) and they work really well.

Buying your own SIM’s is slower (unless you have a ton of phones) but then you can do them as needed and they are yours forever. So they will be lower cost until you have get rid of them once all the accounts are banned.

Speedyverify is faster and you don’t need to have all the phones etc, and the SIMs are yours, but overall it’s bit more expensive.

Figure out what works best for you.


PV = Phone Verification (in case of Instagram verifying your account, that they see you’re a human and not a bot - we all hate this bots :joy:)

@magnitudefor3 Take a look at the MPsocial overview at “site feedback & announcements” then go to “forum dictionary”. There you can find every shortcut for every term that gets used often here. It will help you too read the topics and understand more while you do that


Thanks for the vouches guys, will try speedyverify out aswell :smiley:

Bruh I bought a credit for verification on his website. The money got deducted from my card but I can’t see where the credit is and where is the number. When I go to the orders section on the website it says payment on hold. I just feel I got scammed literally.

Their website is still up but they do not work anymore. They also stop responding to emails, I doubt you will get your money back.

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I guess reporting this issue through paypal can help, as I checked out through paypal.