PVA aged vs Ad Account vs PVA with cookie

While looking into the FB Pva market I came accross these 3 different products.
Correct me, but this is what I have gathered.

  1. PVA accounts can only be used one account per device per iP (as mentioned by various sellers, clearing cookie in browser does not work)

  2. Ad accounts are accounts that have been using the business ad manager for the lifetime of account, thus it gets very pricey.

  3. PVA cookie will have cookies given with your purchase, not sure how it is much better than PVA aged account that is warmed up.

So far after researching I am going for the PVA Aged account with 5years+ aged and migrating the account by logging in to a new device and slowly warming it up for 1 week before creating a page and doing ads.

Any tips or sharing in regards FB PVA will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I am interested in this as well. Any tips?

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