Q: Tagging One Account In 50 Accs Bio/Post Caption


I have two questions regarding this subject.

I have one 1 year old account with 40k followers. Lets call it @oldaccount
And I have 50 1 week old @newaccounts

Can I:

  1. Put @oldaccount in BIO of 50 @newaccounts together with 50 different "texts"
  2. Put @oldaccount in caption of 50 @newaccounts posts
    (putting {#tag|@oldaccount} scheme in MP, so every second comment will have @oldaccount in post caption,together with 14 other #tags )

Primary reason is to drive traffic to @oldaccount and after that to my ecommerce store.

Is this safe? If not,what is safe? (wix,weebly,blogspot prelanders?)
Anyone tried this before? results?

Thank you!


i think @useraccount at profiles are not clickable from mobiles but only from desktop …

I just checked, @oldaccount is clickable in BIO of @useraccounts

I was wondering will IG ban all 50 profiles and @oldaccount if I put @oldaccount in BIO and/or in Captions

Anyone tried this?


Hmm interesting question. If I had to guess, no they won’t ban you as long as you have different proxies/numbers attached to each account that way they can’t correlate the accounts.

Just a guess though, I’m sure someone on this forum knows.

I would also be interested in knowing answer to this question, so let us know if you clarify this issue

That’s a very smart move to put @username in bio… But you gotta test with a few accounts, then use iconosquare free trial to monitor follower growth and bitly to track click engagement… If it works fine then scale up

Edit’ just tries @username in bio, its not clickable, @username in website section isn’t allowed. All testing done using IG app

just checked again from an android phone (galaxy s7) and i cant click @username in bio… will check and with iphone later to be sure but i think that will be the same

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Interesting method. I’m also curious. If you do decide to test it out, then please let us know how this goes.

no problem in caption
we bought more then 50 shoutouts and all those accounts was tagging us
we also ask ppl to tag us in their image to get a shoutouts


hmm, true, many people use shoutots from other people there might not be a problem with that. However shoutouts are limited in time, like 24-48h, it would be interesting to see what happens if those 50 accounts always keep promoting the same other account :smiley:

i had the same question as OP. For shoutouts, the case can be somewhat “relaxed” because they are usually old accs. The question is whether new-ish accs will put both the old and new accs in trouble.

i also don’t see how it is possible to use @mention on the bio as it only appears as text to me, not clickable. the only other way i found was to use ig profile links in the bio itself.

do we have a final verdict on this one?

Not sure on this one…however

I have an alternative solution :slight_smile:

What about adding your @OldUsername as a watermark on all 50 new accounts? This will be undetectable to Instagram since its not actual text. I do this when promoting specific website across hundreds of accounts and I never got banned because of it.

You would get a lower amount of daily followers with this method since most users are lazy, however you would have good results in the fact that your accounts dont get banned :slight_smile:

And do you really want lazy followers anyways? They probably would be to lazy to like and comment anyways.


Thanks for the tip @BrandonBerner
After it’s become clear that I cannot add subdomains to various accounts, I think I have to find an alternative way to promote my main account, so I might give this one a shot.

Dear MP users, let others know if you have any method to promote your main account through your auxiliary accounts without getting banned.

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Could you then just put the URL of the main IG profile in the website field of the bio?

I am interested in knowing a method that works too as I am using new accounts to promote my main account. Can’t I just create additional pages on my website that redirect to the main page and put them in the website field of the bio? For example, mydomain.com/page1, mydomain.com/page2 …

As for putting account url e.g. instagram.com/oldaccount in the website field of the 50 new accounts, I think that will most probably cause trouble.

Hey how do you do the watermark?

Past 3 daysi tried tagging main account in bio for new accounts and after adding to about 30…I rest for 1 days and then synced the pages and 10 automatically disabled…without even action.

How can I test watermark? Would this be from a video or pic? I’m.not sure

I believe they are referring to watermarking actual pictures. There are some free tools online.


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Now that this is brought up I’m curious, how many @profiles can you have of the same account? If I have 50 slave accounts wnd they have my mains @ in bio will Instagram ban these accounts? Do I need to create prelanders insta pages for one main account?

Has anyone had experience with this

I’m still testing it out…I’ve been getting banned…with different variations of tagging the page in bio…