# query... how long can you wait to add them

I know the maximum amount of #'s you can insert is 30. However. Does it all need to be done at once? Can you for instance add 10 to start with, then wait a few hours add five…and so on?

You can add them whenever you want, but you will have to do it manually as there’s no way to delay this process in MP.

The problem with adding them later @neesmo, (in my experience), is that they are somehow no longer “associated” with your post.

What I mean is that if you wait several hours and add the hashtags in the comment field for example, your post won’t show up for the hashtag searches, unless they are really low competition hashtags.

This may be different for different accounts, and maybe it’s just that the “Trust Score” or “Authority” of my accounts are too low. Maybe others with a higher TS will rank right back up at the top if they add them later…but this is how it works for my accounts that I have tried it on.

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This is actually another strategy, but it takes a LOT of work. Let’s say you have a set of new Hashtags from @BrandonBerner, you post 30 in the comments dynamically. You move up the chain until you are using them as he suggested, but no all you have left are “low competition” hashtags. What to do with them… right? Well, after a day or two, you delete them, add the low competition ones, and BLAMMO, your on the page for those hashtags. More free followers right?

But it’s a LOT of work…


I’m not following the delete and add again part but I am a bit slow to pick things up.

Last night I tried adding 30 tags to an old post which I’d never given tags, nothing happened it seems.

So, whilst the post is still hot, so to speak, you can chop and change the tags and perhaps ditch the ones that are not achieving the top 9?

Adding hashtags to previous posts over a day or two old, will not benefit your account.

There are only 2 places your pictures will appear when you add hashtags to them; Top Posts, and Recent Posts. If you add hashtags to a picture that has not been recently posted, then it will not be seen in the Recent Posts (because the picture was not posted recently). If you add hashtags to a picture which is old but is still receiving lots of engagement, you have a small chance of still getting it featured in the Top Post section but thats rare.

Bottom line, dont worry about adding hashtags to your previous posts. Just make sure to always add 30 hashtags to your new posts right away. The sooner the hashtags are added, the more exposure you will receive.

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