*Question about 4g proxies

Would you rather pay a dedicated proxy or be able to choose unlimited number of ips and pay for GB?

I saw that Bright Data is selling this way for 30usd/gb, but let’s say that the price was 1usd/gb for the same type of proxy, would you rather have this option than use a dedicated proxy farm?

Just researching for a future potential project.

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if you use proxies for jarvee project, then you can choose highproxies.com, i use their proxies and get a good result

I used their proxies too. Mainly for LinkedIn. They work great if you register and grow the account with the same IP address. If you plan on buying an account, highproxies proxies will be flagged from the get go, and the account will not survive long.

You can’t offer what BrightData is offering from a single sim card…

don’t worry about it, worry about the main question.

People rather pay by GB or fixed price per month?

It depends on the proxy use case, on how big the IP pool of the mobile proxy ISP is, if the customer’s use case requires him to use IPs from multiple countries or ISPs or if a single ISP with X-XXXk IPs is enough for him.

Hard to give a black or white reply. It depends on the customer’s needs.

Ok, so you mean that:

  • Modem proxies are easier to sell for fixed price, but only for cases that require a limited IP pool.
  • Bright data proxies can be attractive if the need is for a huge high quality IP pool.

Is this what you mean?

Correct! Both solutions have their pros and cons