Question about buying IG account

I have been growing 2 repost pages and have got 50k on both in the last year so i understand how to grow accounts but I am wondering if buying accounts is ever worth it?

It would be for a start up fashion/streetwear brand and I was thinking of purchasing an account in the fashion niche with 10k~ followers to kickstart the brand as I know from experience the first 10k is the hardest.

Is this ever a good idea? Looking for pros/cons of buying rather than growing from scratch

ps. Where is a good place to start looking to buy accounts?


I prefer to grow an account from scratch instead of buying one, here is why:

1- The account has a lot of fake followers, most of the services that sell accounts, they mix the fake followers with real ones to grow an account faster.

2 - The engagement rate can be easily manipulated using some methods.

In my opinion, growing an account by yourself is the best way to have good quality.

I prefer creating accounts that I am going to grow but as for scrapers, you can purchase them.

You can always check #public-marketplace for things like that.

yes, especially when you are starting a new business that you have no idea whether it will work or not, when starting with a new page with very few followers your tests are not that effective you might be doing everything right when the low number of followers keep you from converting buyers but when having a good number of followers at least you have removed that doubt about followers, just make sure to have a good one and see how it goes.

It is better to creat new accounts