Question about copyright infringement for audio

I have heard of getting copyright notices from the agencies handling account from where we have sourced our video or image. Also aware that we can report copyright infringement manually by filling up a form.
Do instagram have any automatic detection & response system for the same (like YouTube)? or people need to manually report to instagram to induce action? j

I’m not sure if I heard about that before, what kind of form? do you have any examples? of course, when reposting content from other sources you need to alter the image/video a little bit to avoid IG algo, shadowbans, and that verification stuff but I did not hear about this.

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IG doesn’t have content id like Youtube. People need to report the post manually to IG if it has copyright issue via this form

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Refer to @ossi commend down below. It has a link to the form. This is the form you can fill up when you have a legal right to a particular piece of content that you own/created and has been used by somebody else. If the information filled up by you is legit, IG takes down the post of the other page which used your content. It has happened with me by merely using a photograph, not even a video.

For video, big companies/pages hire agency who specifically look for such repost content and ask for monetary remuneration for using their client’s content in addition to deleting the particular post. If we don’t respond, they can get our entire account banned.