Question about country 4G mobile proxy

I have a question … In my country, the Netherlands. There are almost no good 4G mobile proxy providers. I have to deal with proxies from other countries (or making at my self)

My question is … Does it matter if my NL clients have a proxy from another country? In this case, Italy

Thks in advance

doesnt matter, its not “Far” as long as connection is lets say under 3k ms
if there arent any providers in NL, setting up your own would be advantage.


i dont rememebr where i’ve read that 4g proxies does not matter wherever you’re even if you use US ones it wont matter

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I want to have faith that everything is going well. I’ve only been getting blocks since the summer … and it doesn’t seem to stop. I also don’t know how to make sure everything runs smoothly. After my knowledge, all settings are correct.

If my proxies aren’t the cause, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Seems to be no end, perhaps this is the end

Okey thanks. :slight_smile:

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my advice to you always keeps some accounts where you can run tests and never take replies as evangelic words you know maybe the replies are correct but not anymore or maybe in when some conditions are met so try to keep some accounts as your lab where you do some twists n stuff

My best account is from South America and proxy is form France, not even one 508. I have accounts from Europe with proxy from Europe that give problems, so there is no problem with distance.

I’m also just testing with my accounts. An account of more than 10 years old, an account of two years old and a new account.

All three accounts are blocked. The other after 70 follows, the other after 4 follows and the third account is also quickly blocked after 17 follows. And it happened with code 508. Using MP.

Guys, can you confirm Instagram puts an end to automation? Or is this just a phase? Why do I see many people getting blocks on Mp Social and some are running well?

dont do more than 30 f-unf/h

Thx, is this warming-up for couple of mounths or standard?

It doesnt matter how ever with your own proxies u can be sure its only in your use

Geo-location matters for onboarding process. Most of the time if you use a proxy from the same city of your client you will log in at first try without even needing a EV or PV.

In resume, geo-located proxies help for trust score when onboarding a client.

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Suggest proxy IP the same as SMS, will ask to authenticate someday! The US IP and SMS service is most popular, you can check this article,

But let’s be honest, mobile proxies are seriously overrated, DNS leak, gateway IP leak, overbooking, slow…too many issues

Simply false. By default (and if set up correctly) you use a) the DNS of the Mobile Provider for the connection b) logically you route the traffic via the Gateway of the Provider (nothing else would work…)

Overbooking comes down how greedy and or shady your provider is, can be applied to everything else in the IT-Services industry.

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