Question about followers quality

Hi, friends, sorry for popping up so often lately. My account is almost 11k, 1500-2000 followers usually see my posts and 450-700 of them are liking, does it means that they are low engaging and thats the reason why IG don’t push my posts to another followers? I never saw stats from another similar accounts and honestly don’t know how bad is my situation :sweat_smile:
And if its bad what should I do? As I know from previous answers deleting of inactive followers is dangerous now, and at the same time I see that focusing on content and call to actions don’t work well too, because they are still not interacting.
Im just afraid that its ruining my account and destroying any chance for organic growth. Account just stuck at this amount of engagement and don’t moves from a year ago when I was at 6k with same reach, I understand that since winter 2019 algorithm changed and decreased reach more, but still nervous