Question about getting an account back

Hey guys, I recently got scammed by someone on instagram.
He showed me enough evidence for me to believe he was a reputable buyer but I guess I got a little desperate.

Anyways I have gotten my account back BUT, he has control of the OG email that I used to create the account.

I have already changed the current email for the instagram as well as deleted emails which asked to restore suspicious changes and etc on the OG email. I even made sure the OG email couldn’t change any of my information anymore. Luckily I was fast enough the scammer couldn’t secure my instagram account but somehow got a hold of my OG email. I am unable to log into it as I did not have a mobile device linked to it. I have done everything but I think the Gmail account is far gone now. ( I do still have a recover email it still doesnt verify my ownership.

Now, the question is, can the scammer gain access to my account by emailing support or something? Like I said I tested that the email is not associated with any accounts and even submitted a request to change password with the OG email and said “email is not associated with any account”.The instagram account is now secured on a secondary email I own. Am I still in danger of being hacked? what can I do?

*LIKE I SAID, I CANNOT GAIN ACCESS OF MY GMAIL (when I try to recover, it says unable to verify ownership. I completely forgot when I made the account.

No original E-Mail or Phone number access = Account lost .

Can other people please confirm? I deleted all messages on OG email saying I resetted passwords, changed email and stuff. The OG email is now associated with ZERO ACCOUNTS. Still possible to get my insta scammed?

If u still have access to the original email - contact IG support and they will restore your account.

In your case u have to do the next:

  • Contact Gmail support
  • Restore your Gmail account
  • Contact IG support
  • Restore your IG accounts