Question about IG spying abilities on desktops, old and new secured browsers, etc

Example: 1 PC, 10 browsers each one with different IG account.
Question: How much data can IG get from our example computer and each browser?

  1. IG knows that IP for each of this account is the same but can they definitely describe that it’s the same computer since each cookies are stored on different browser?

  2. They gather data about user based on cookies but is it based on Instagram cookies only or they spy all cookies from specific browser or maybe all browsers installed on the computer?

  3. Based on cookies in different browsers can they definitely describe that this is the same computer?

  4. What about using secured browsers like Brave, even now Firefox has anti-spying abilities, not to mention incognito-mode?

  5. What about professional agencies doing IG marketing in a legal way – I mean actual big advertisement companies – they use 1 PC to manage their multiple clients accounts, probably with their proprietary software and not hiding anything bcs they don’t have to.

! This is not question about automation, Jarvee, etc. but spying abilities of Instagram on desktop computers !
On mobile they install their own app so they can gather everything they want there but on desktops they only have browsers so how much they can actually gather?

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Yeah if you have the setup you’re saying in the OP you’re pretty much screwed because IG can see you’re on a desktop and exhibiting behaviour that’s not normal.
They can gather your user id, device, ip and pretty much anything else. Nothing is hidden. They know all your accounts are working on that 1 PC.

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