Question about Instagram proxies and vpns

I want to create 10 instagram fan accounts and automate them with jarvee, I know I have to buy proxies for each account but I have 4 questions, am I going to create the accounts if I only have a laptop and a phone and I already have like 4 accounts created on my phone? and I can’t create 10 accounts with only 1 IP address

  1. should I use a VPN in my laptop and then create the accounts? if so should I change my vpn location everytime I create one account?

  2. If I use a vpn to create the accounts, will my accounts get banned if the ip from the proxy that I bought is different from the one that the vpn used? I’m new to this world of vpns and proxies so I’m not sure how it works.
    here’s the vpn service that I want to use

  3. How can I create the emails for me to use when creating the instagram accounts? should I use ?? what’s the safest way?

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Here are the answers to your questions. :slight_smile:

  1. You have two options to gather accounts:
    a. Buy Aged Accounts from a trusted seller ->
    You can buy Aged (3-7 years old) Instagram accounts from any trusted seller in the marketplace. I recommend you to buy because, in this way, you won’t have any headache about creating them in one phone/managing emails etc.
    b. Create them yourself->
    Of course, you can create them yourself by getting some good residential proxies (Recommended) (Max 2 accounts on 1 IP) and then either use any Insta account creator OR use any device emulator software.

  2. I don’t recommend using VPN because they all (OR most of them) are datacenter proxies. I recommend dedicated residential proxies.
    NOTE: Dedicated residential proxies will cost you more than datacenter proxies.

  3. You can use the same residential proxy to manage the account which you used while creating the account. If you use VPN for creation then make sure to use the same country proxy while managing the a/c.

  4. If you buy Instagram accounts, you don’t have to create emails. They come with their own email accounts.
    I don’t recommend using or any other temp email service. Because your account will get instant ban OR high ban rate if you use temp emails.

PS: These answers are based on my experience. You may have a different experience. So, just test and choose the winner. :wink:


Guys never ever use vpn’s for anything bot related… I learned it the hard way. There are multiple fingerprints that you leave behind when you use a vpn.

Here are some alongside the fact that they are mostly datacenter proxies:

  • operating system mismatch – for example you are boting from your computer, let’s say a windows and you are behind a vpn which most have linux, that’s a flag
  • user-agent mismatch – goes with above, your user-agent shows android which might not be in concordance with your os
  • dns – shows different countries
  • time mismatch – briefly mentioned above. the browser has access to your os timezone which also might be different from the vpn’s. and more

these are also some factors you have to account for while buying proxies or creating accounts. someone(not sure if it’s the same guy) reposted a method from bhw where they explain how you can create X accounts daily by tethering to your phone and installing a couple of extensions. If you don’t take these factors into account while doing the method it will fail. Another example to illustrate: you have a 4g connection and your user agent says Chrome MacOs blah blah blah, that’s a flag


Yeah. I learned the hard way that botting not on my proxy’s is not the way to go earlier when I tried letting my account run on the ip of my vpn and got my first account disabled :upside_down_face:

that’s exactly what happened to me in a nutshell

How can they tell what os ur proxy run on?

As @Midas pointed out, that only happens if the proxy provider overwrites your user agent, which should not be done anyway, because it can cause conflicting information

@Midas please don’t push 2 year old threads :smiley:.

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