Question About Instagram Stats

I have been growing my account recently and a couple of my post have over 100k views. I only have 600 followers. So I assumed most of this was from explore (since that was what my intentions where) then I looked at the statistics and it says 60k impressions from explore and 120k impressions from “other”… WHAT is that supposed to mean? What is other? I checked my other post and they are the same way…? Someone help please ! Thankyou :slight_smile:

SAME HERE! I swear i have one account still under 10k Followers but it’s just blessed by the instagram gods or something lmao… Like it could literally post a black screen and still get 80-100k views every post i don’t do any engagement groups just simple repost tool. I don’t have a business account so i can’t see the traffic sources either. I wonder where the “other” could be though no way that much traffic could be from your page in a google search or external site because that’s usually what “other” means but i could be wrong. I just assumed mine was explore.

my insights never say that I got impressions from “Explore” explicitly. do yours? where?

mine always say “Impressions from:”

  • Home
  • Profile
  • Hashtags
  • Other

until now I assumed that Explore was either Other or Hashtags, but now i don’t know what to believe!

(I actually run a pretty big blog on social media marketing and we’re publishing a new article on IG analytics this week, so i’m extra curious)

It says Explore if you hit Explore, I guess?


I’ve actually never thought about the “other” bit. Account tags would count as “other”. And direct traffic from desktop? Not really sure.


yes! i finally saw this on a recent post.