Question about Mention

Hello to all and sorry for my english , i dont native english speaker.

I have a question. Do u think is risky send private messages or reply message to my followers , and mention in it to other accoounts ? , For example , i have 3-4 accs with links in bio and 20 without links , and i thinking use the accounts without links for send private message with ramdon mention to my accounts with links . Do u think i can get ban for it?

And another question , what about mention same accounts in multiples other accounts in BIO . For example put in 20 bio accounts , diferente text but same mention to one of my accounts.

Thanks .

I don’t think you’ll have problems with main accounts (those with link - unless you promote something that’s not allowed on IG and you didn’t hide it well), but other accounts could get blocked or banned for a lot of mentions.

It’s worth trying, I would test it.

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I have tried for 15 account, shout-out (mention) main account in the post with same pict and same caption. There is no problem.

But when I tried with 25 account, sometimes those account got banned caption, the pictures posted but caption hide, IDK why.

They’r aged account

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Instagram will sometimes block your captions when you mention a user in it. What you can do is use a spintax in your caption so that it will not mention the user all the time. You can also use the [COMMENT] token (all text entered after the said token will be used as 1st comment on the post) and mention the user there, so that if your caption is blocked the mentioned user will still appear in the 1st comment of the post.

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Thank buddy, I will try the comment token, never used it.

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Thanks for answer Adnan , ya i will test it with some accs.

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Interesting Thanks for answer .