Question about Messenger Bot

i want to know if it’s possible to send automated message and gain a messenger subscriber by only sharing some post on groups we don’t own , some competitor groups niche

should work if you use some to manychat opt-in
or redirect people to a website/landing page which will redirect you back to messenger :smiley:

i thin the lp method will be worth only from external trffic like youtube… if your traffic is from facebook simle link is enough especially if for example you share viral video then add the link to the comment after it go viral in the group no ?

also what are other ethod to gain sus can it be done by simply sending to your page likes, or likes on your posts,or personnal friend list ?

Go to Manychat’s blog. They have a bunch of ways of getting subs. You don’t have to sign up for the service to access the blog.

ok btw what do you think of facebook overall is it still good for orgnic long term growth or when i use it i focus only on generating cash ?

It is still a viable platform. There was a thread here the other day that talked about FB having the highest engagement. It just costs more…

why do you think it costs more?

yes i 100percent agree that facebook is number 1 when it comes to paid reach if you do everything well BUT what about only organic ? no ads nothing ?

Best answer… test it for yourself. Test, test, test. Many people talk about their experience, when they really don’t have any. I haven’t used FB as much as some. Have I gotten decent results, yes, but my funnels and products, creatives are different then yours.

problem bro is that i already tested was having a very good eg 9k followers with 900 1000 likes everyday just with good content sharing on groups with my personnal profile after it i saw that even pages can join groups did the same when i hit 10k i don’t know what happened even with boosting posts i got pretty good eg after this posts same problem again they ended my reach

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this is what i’m talking about , selling on groups,page,with ads… when it comes to that facebook are the best but for organic reach to build a page in the long term …

I am a pinterest guy, and have noticed that reach changes every couple of weeks. It is the changes in the also. Try giving FB a break for a week, and try again. Who knows…

i tried everything emailed them searched about organic reach on facebook no one talking bout it on forums everyone who talk about facebook talk just about monetization not about engagement and organicreach , i changed my content , i even boosted a video and i hitted 100k views with 2dollar but after it same issue problem is not a bug or community or content…

because if we talk fully about algorithm if your last post get 100k views next one have to be pushed a lot in first minutes tat’s not the case they push my post to 100 personn on 1 hour
like wtf how i’m supposed to get engagement with this numbers

simple observation compare pages with 1million and up follower between facebook and instagram and see the best of them you will be shocked