Question about phone verification service


I’m looking for PV service to IG. Last time I used SMSPVA but their SMS does not reach and my accounts are often banned, also I used hidemynumbers but they have a problem with generating a phone number.

I’m looking for service will be work. Can anyone recommend any service ?

The other alternative is GetSMSCode, but it’s probably on par with quality as SMSPVA.

Otherwise, if you’re willing to spend a bit more you will get the quality with SpeedyVerify. Speak to @kraadnc if you’re interested. It uses real SIMs which you own that number and it’s only allocated to you for use, and they verify it over the net with credits. That’s probably the best of both worlds between having it online and owning your own SIMs without having to physically have them and do it yourself.

I second SpeedyVerify. They are amazing.

Thank you.

I also used GetSMSCode but I’m not happy.

SpeedyVerify cost a lot of money. Cards cost $5 and each code $1.

I can buy real sim cards for $1. What do you think how much I need sim cards to IG accs with white hat niche (shop) ?

It can be less in bulk, I think like a few dollars per SIM & verification. But yes, it costs more, naturally.

You can buy real SIM cards if you like. I don’t do this and others know more about it, but you need to make sure they can activate without needing to purchase credit, and also that you don’t need ID to activate it or that there’s no strict limit per person in your country.