Question about Proxy and phone number match?

Hi everyone,

Is it important to have the proxy location the same as what the phone numbers for verification are or will be?

I’m about to renew my proxies.

I know from experience a while back that I was using bought EE sim cards from a shop to verify the accounts and that makes no difference to now using proxies located in London and having numbers generated from China.

The reason I ask is I don’t get accounts disabled when getting the accounts PV with the China numbers but I do get blocked awfully alot. About 5 to 10 in I’ll be blocked on a few days old accounts.

What’s your suggestions for this please? Same proxy location as sim?

Thanks alot


If you have the opportunity to do it, I’d say go for it. It’s what a normal user would have so it will be +1 on the human scale for IG and in an ideal scenario we all would be doing it. Will it fix all your issues with blocks etc probably not, but it can definitely help

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How were you verifying with China sims? Smspva or another service like this?
Or are you using real sims?

I’m using They’ve always got many Russian numbers available but not with the UK. Also unlimited China numbers that’s why I was always using that.

So my options are to change the proxies to Russian proxies and use the Russian numbers or go with China proxies and use the China numbers?

I can’t use UK since most sim sites don’t always have them at demand and vary from 15 to 50 us cents a number! China is 5cents and Russian at 9cents and always available.

Not true, they do have UK numbers. Russian numbers are fine since they are real numbers, but don’t use the china numbers, those are virtual

Sorry for the delay I’ve been traveling today!
Personally, I use real euro sims to verify with my euro proxies. I keep that consistent and I love it. They are thriving. I had too many issues with any virtual online sim verifications and I switched to manual or Speedy Verify. I know for a fact it was virtual verifications tampering with my accounts so I stopped immediately.

Ultimately it is very unlikely that a user will verify every PV with a different phone number, and even less likely that each time is with a random country. This is something that we should always think about with any decision. The reality of what we are doing should somewhat be believable if we want stable accounts.

I have said this before around here but I think it all depends what ways you decide to bend your trust score. If you are following all precautions in other areas, it might not matter what you do at all here. Maybe to increase the trust score, it will help to use the virtual verification with the same country as the proxy. But it also might be totally fine if you use a real sim with a different country than the proxy, because the real sim and consistent number through all PVs will boost the trust score. If you are tampering with your trust score in other ways like not cleaning metadata before posting, using accounts that were created on an abused subnet, not warming up the tools correctly, then any mistake you make after that will just send you over the edge.

I like to say that it is important to first decide what is the most valuable “rule” that you wish to break. And then try not to break any other ones. If you for example are using the virtual verifications, it is wise to do nothing else out of line. If I’m being honest, it is almost impossible to break any rules these days though. For me, my number one “rule” I wanted to break was that I wanted to use datacenter proxies. So I played by all other rules to save bending my trust score only in this one way. And now, I can’t even use datacenter. They caused to many issues even after how hard I worked to keep everything else clean.

I hope this helps!


Yes is better to use phone number from the same of country of your proxies, but avoid virtual phone number