Question about scraping account

So I’ve got a temporary block for an account until 09/27 . I wanted to know if I can still use it for scraping purposes or doing that is not good practice? (I don’t want to lose the account)

That’s what I do. When an account get full action block, I use it as scraping account. But they are slaves so not 100% sure if it’s as good idea if your account is more important.


They should implement it actually. This would be super efficient. Sucks if you have to do it all manually

Yeh like once blocked for x days then have the option to continue scraping. Extracting. :thinking:

That would be a great feature, but as for how good it is for the account is another question. Generally my scraper account (low quality accounts with DC proxies) last for about a month or so, so I think it’s pretty safe if you have a decent quality account with a decent proxy.

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