Question about Shoutout Pricing?


I just wanted to ask how I can find the prices about Promotion for brands on a Fashion related theme page? Does the price change, if you use Engagement Groups or Growth Methods? (i dont use any, only organic growth)

Some quick informations about my Account:

Theme: Fashion
Growth: Since 3k I don’t use any growth methods & only grow from explore.
Follower: 30,6k
Likes: Range from 1,5-5k Likes/Post - Reach about 10-60k
Daily 3 Posts
Story Views: 3,5-5k

I know my Account is still small, but I also have to mention: many of my followers ask me to buy clothes/products. So I don’t really know how much I should charge for a Brand Promotion.

Would be happy about help, as I can only find methods for prices that are way to overpriced.

It really depends on the engagement and country distribution of your page. Usually buyers will ask for this.

The big key in promos is R.O.I
How likely is the person likely to double or tripple their investment?

I have a 165k follower comic page and charge $20us
Mainly because comics arnt as lucrative as they were when the marvel saga was being put out and most of the demographics are kids.

Start by doing cheaper ones and seeing how many clicks people get. Like $10us and then you can figure out how much its worth.

Thank you for your information bro. Before about 2 hours i sold my first story promotion for about 15$, I think I can get some experience from that :)!

I also found out about some other ways to monetize my Account, like doing affiliate marketing with the clothes in my posts, as many of my followers are interested in them.

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Yeah. You can look into different brands. Some can give high % back. Even contact smaller brands you like and ask if they do commission based promotions.

I used to run an ecom store for my account. But I get way more money from growing accounts so basically just leave my comic account alone most of the time and don’t really try grow or market it

As I turned 17 not a long time ago, I still have some time to grow my main accounts. I am thinking about growing 3 Accounts bigger and then growing second accounts to sell them after a year of growing to make a “good” income w. them/ads/…

I wanna make my second income with crypto when I turn 18, but that’s another topic.

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Yeah I thought about doing BTC but ended up cashing in most of it as its too up and down. I didn’t get in early like others did and lost money a week after buying.

Never buy bitcoins. There are way better coins bro. Do the research before u invest something

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Most people like to pay in BTC thats why. So, I just saved it. Problem is when you get laid and btc is high then it sucks when it drops back down.

How do you find clients for shoutouts bro?

They contact me, i never contact people bro.