Question about teamviewer

Hey guys, i wanted to ask if giving teamwiever access is safe? Because im afraid that a person who connects to my computer can transfeer some files from my computer or somehow get all the info from my docs, .txt files etc. Is that possible? How do i make it safe? Because sometimes i need to give teamviewer to a person who needs to provide me some sort of help etc… Let me know, thanks!

You can go to Extras > options > advanced > show advanced settings, and choose custom settings for Access Control > configure > set the permission for Transfer Files to After Confirmation.

If you won’t be present during the TV session, it’s best to put important files you don’t want that person to see in one folder, then password protect that folder.


Personally I have an External Drive protected with Bitlocker and all the Important Passwords kept in Keepass which is stored inside my External Drive also protected by a Master Lock.

All my Files from scratch are stored in External Drive which is completely protected,While giving my Teamviewer Access I can give it freely and being present isn’t necessary for me in my situation.


I just hope you have a backup of that external drive for when it fails


Yes ofcourse I do,I have a backup saved on my Google Drive and Mega as well and I have kept them well secured enough.

I have given much Importance to my File Security,being very much interested in Cyber Security personally I am still learning how well can I protect it from Malwares,Viruses and all the Black Hat Stuff.


Get VPS -> Transfer what needs to be done to the vps/ open sites/whatever is required for them to do, and then download teamviewer on the VPS rather than your main server?

Depends on what needs to be done.

Lastly, if you are paying someone good money or you are using someone’s reputable service then I would say you have to trust people, no one would want to ruin their business for a couple of $$$ /1 client. As cliche as it is, you will always get what you pay for.

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Giving someone access that you do not trust is always a bad thing. As @Nieco pointed out, just get a cheap server and give access to that, instead of your personal computer. If you are a valuable target, they will always find a way to break access rules.

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Teamviewer worked for me