Question about the "Suspicious Activity" message

Hi guys, after about two months of not getting any “bad” notification on Instagram yesterday was the second time I got the “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Instagram account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution…”. I got it for the first time about 3 months ago.

I got it back both times using the code sent to my phone, but I’ve read so many horror stories about this type of message locking you out of your account indefinitely that I just want to consult with you if you think I should switch something I’m doing. Heres the backstory:

Like the newbie I was (or maybe still am), like 5 months ago I was overdoing it with the manual liking (around 1000 a day), and got several hour long bans and eventually the long 7 day total ban (unable to do anything except upload stories).

That’s when I started reading posts heres and changed my strategy and since then I have been mixing a bit of ads with controlled manual liking of pictures on profiles that follow accounts similar to mine (no more than 200 a day, and in rare cases going over that). Of course my growth is not as fast as before, but my account followers and engagement in general is still growing at a ratio I’m happy with.

Does anyone know if the two “suspicious activity” messages I got have to do with my liking activities on Instagram? Both times I got the message randomly while I was scrolling down my feed (not even liking stuff). This is different from the regular ban messages that happen immediately after you like a post on Instagram. I don’t know for sure because admittedly I relaxed a bit on keeping tabs of how many posts I’m liking per day lately (I may have gone a bit over than usual on the two days I got the “suspicious activity” message).

Any insight would be super helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!

How many posts do you usually like on each profile you visit? I just read a thread about spam liking, if you do that, i guess you should stop, and limit the number of posts you like per profile to 1-2 posts.

Hi! I never spam like, that’s a rule of thumb for me. Just one like per profile and my total likes is within 100 and 200 likes daily (that is 100 to 200 profiles daily). I rarely go over that and never do follow/unfollow either (I know it works but I find it shady). What would you say is a safe number of likes? Considering my account is more or less aged (2 years), use ads every once in a while and haven’t received any block notification for almost 6 months. Thanks for the help!!

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