Question about tips to store


I have question to users which have stores and using IG to promote them. I would like to ask you for tips for the person who begins the business with his first store.

My account have 9 posts, 230 followers and 1700 following, average 10 like per photo. Yesterday I had 10 unique visits to store, one user added product to cart. Today I have 15 unique visits, no one add product to cart. In last two days no one registered at my store.

Does anyone from us can help me how to get regular sales on my store ?

Let us have a look at the store then we can tell :slight_smile:

You definitely need more followers, more posts and less followings to look more authentic.

Also helps when you have nice products and good engagement on the photos

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What @myfocus said.

What are you selling or promoting? What type of products?

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Thank you @MyFocus and @ian for reply !

I would not like to publicly add a link to my website.

I sell video games (digital products).

Do you have any idea how to faster grow my account ? Buy fake followers ?

Sure! Use Jarvee for it! Invest some $$ and get quality!

For what? Just to have a big account? They dont buy your games;) Go for Jarvee, read a lot, invest some $$ and time. And then grow your account(s) yourself!

We are always here to give advice when you are ready to go.

Good luck



Now I have one account I grow it manually. If this account will get me $, I will scale with Javree.

I know that fake followers will not buy me games. Maybe potential customers notice that I have a lot of followers and will be willing to buy my products.

Thank you for your advice. I hope that I can start selling.

Potential customers arent stupid anymore;)

Good luck!


If you want to go the fake follower route I would suggest you have quality content nonetheless :smiley:

You could for example do it like this: 5000 followers, 250-400 likes per photo, one giveaway post with 1000 likes and lots of comments, 20-25 photos

Like @dma0245 said nowadays people are used to checking if a profile is authentic (looking at followers, likes etc.) BUT if you have a legit looking site with nice bio, profile pic and a good website this MIGHT not matter as much. :slight_smile: If they want to buy a game and you have what they want for a good price, why would they care about your followers?

Anyway, if you’re looking for a long term solution and want to expand your business I heavily suggest Jarvee, which would be a better strategy for your business and would probably also be cheaper than buying authentic fake engagement and followers. The decision is yours btw, I think both would work. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a better option would be to buy an account with a similar niche which has about 1k followers, change it for my store and grow this account ?

Why are you looking for so many shortcuts? Don’t look for shortcuts, learn. Ask questions here and you’ll get answers, but none of the answers you get will be shortcuts, which you seem to be looking for.


Listen, I do not have enough time to grow my account. I’m not sure that my business will succeed. That’s why I prefer to ask a question here …

So you want instant results, yes?

Literally what people expect when it comes to this forum. Plus you need to fund the house.


@Smylie , @MyFocus

Please read exactly what I wrote. A few users that I have not enough followers, it is not good way according to you to buy fake followers. I can get to my account a 50 new followers a day, so 1K followers I will get after 20 days.

I can, for example, pay $10 for an account that has 1k followers to change it for my niche and see if my store can earn any money.

I’d rather have an account that I can try to monetize and make changes (even during these 20 days). Than spend 20 days to build an account. I hope you understand me now.

If your goal is to make quick money with your store then why bother growing an account in the first place? Why not just purchase shoutouts/sponsored posts from influencers?

That is a great analogy! :rofl:


Thank you.

For me shoutouts/sponsored posts from influencers it is too high a risk. I do not know a person who offers good quality such services.

BTW. I will buy first real followers account and change them into my niches, and the to second account I will be bought fake followers.


I never understand people who in the theme when someone asks for help make jokes. Do not find the situation of a person who asks for help. Your behavior is naughty is not good.

I have one more question. Can anyone from us recommend any good proxies for store?

I’m sure most of the members(so am I) are confuse that you’re trying to sell a product via using the reach of instagram, but however we do not see a point in you getting those fake followers as there’ll be no reach towards your products which can’t get you any sales at all.

The point is if you want sales on product you need reach, you need organic followers that are truly interested in your product and your content that you publish else the followers are as good as none.

If you’re intending to release a service on instagram, sure i might work with “fake it till you make it” but I’m sure people will start catching on and calling you out for it.