Question about viewing services

hii friends i have a Question please
i wont to know what do you think about all the this services
likes/story views/movie views

i see alots of website that giving this service (snd its work no problem)
but i wont to know if its help’s to increase the impression for the post

for example
if i post a video and i use the service to add 1000 more view’s to it
so by doing that more real people will see the post ?

If you can find a good provider, and you do it at a organic rate, it could help rank higher combined with good quality likes.

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it depends on how you get that engagement, there are a lot of providers that can give you great organic traffic and that should definitely help your account.

@Luca @InstaZeus
its a free service so i don’t know the quality of the people :man_facepalming:

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its free? Whats this website called

Is it really free? do you have to do something on your account in exchange for those free services?

yes its fully free and you don’t need to exchange anything
you don’t even need to enter your account password

if you wont you can PM me a d i send you
because i don’t know if be OK posting it here
you know ROLES and all that …

I sent you a PM. I want to test the services :grinning:

I’m not sure how that would really work, can you please PM me as well with some details, thanks