Question: Does 3proxy save Cache?

So I want to make my proxy as anonymous as possible. And to do this, one step is to disable the Cache. I know for Squid3, you can disable the cache. But I found out that 3proxy is easier to install and have user/password auth which i know how to do and on squid3, I can’t get user/pass auth to work.

My question is, is it possible to disable the cache on 3proxy? if so how? If not, then I guess I don’t need to do anything.

To be honest, I have no idea about this :smiley:

Maybe @BrandonBerner could help :smiley: Sorry Brandon

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Sorry, I have no clue on the answer to this question.

Maybe @dddd @wortime @mindeswx could help. Sorry guys :smiley:


I asked 3proxy, they said they don’t cache content.

So only squid3 I guess

Not quite sure what do you mean with cache, 3proxy has logs if you meant that , you can find them here- /var/log/3proxy.log

Hahha… I was looking into this. I don’t believe it’s a caching proxy. Why do you want one (to cache) anyway?

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What I needed from my proxy was for it not to cache, not to show my computer’s IP as the true origin and for all traffic to go through the proxy and not directly to me.

Then don’t use squid. I am pretty sure that what you want is for your proxy to not be transparent. Looking over 3proxy, it’s not transparent by default.

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Do you know what @exod meant by:

“If you want the lazy version and you have a whole subnet on your hands, you can try Tinyproxy but the bad parts of this is that you will not have the “always active” under connection in header and most social networks check for this as its the first thing to detect proxies. You can config it if you know little if you search 10 minutes on google.”

What does he mean by proxy header? Or does this only apply to Tinyproxy and Squid? And not 3proxy

This is one of those things, that if you can’t google it yourself, then you probably shouldn’t try it.

Here, let me help you.

you’re probably digging way too much into things that dont matter/wrong thing.

what matters is not the cache, but the anonimity. if proxy is elite, it is anonymous.

that’s how you set it up in 3proxy. the


is to make it annonymous.

I’m sure you know about 3proxy by a thread here. Why don’t you ask in that thread instead of opening one?

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Because that doesn’t work for me. I’m installing 3proxy another way which doesn’t use any of his codes.

Also according to my research, if it cache content then it’s transparent and not full elite.

But the proxy header is something I’m still confused on as someone suggested it

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


Oh wow, thanks.

Looks like there’s no leakage.

oh but wait, if Instagram checks my IP, it tells me that the source is from digital ocean. Is this, okay? It’s going to be obvious that its a proxy, since digital ocean is a hosting…

Is there a way to remove the source of my IP?

Almost all proxies have datacenter IP’s. It could be 123 hosting and it won’t matter. There are some providers of proxies whose IP’s appear to come from SMM companies, but are still datacenter. Hint: any big business will have a datacenter IP anyhow.

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In other words, stop being paranoid over every single detail. Just do it. :sunglasses:

Don’t go down the rabbit hole.


People using proxies is fairly commonplace anyhow. I am not sure why so many people are afraid of them. They are used for privacy…

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