[question] footprints / IPv4 does not change after reset

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I have read the post with the method on creating multiple IG accounts. Now I’m trying that by myself. At first I enabled the flight mode on my phone to check if the IP address changes afterwards. The IPv6 changed but the IPv4 stays the same everytime, even when I restarted my phone.

My question: Is it enough to have a new IPv6 address to build a safe and fresh 4G connection for using it to create an account (via multilogin for example) on it?

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Short answer “yes”. You should be fine. Someone will be along here shortly to debate this, but they will have far more knowledge than I and will be right (or not).

Long answer: It sounds like your carrier has implemented Carrier Grade Nat. (CGN). This means lots of people, and potentially hundreds or thousands of people use the same IPV4 address. They all just get a new IPV6 IP when they connect to the tower.

If you are trying to build the Rolls Royce of accounts, try moving to a different part of the city and try again. You will probably be on a new cell tower, and thus, a new IPV4 IP and different subnets. Reality is that if you toggle airplane mode, eventually you should get a new IPV4 as well. I’m not advanced enough to tell you how many IPV4 IP’s a tower uses, but I’m sure it only uses 1 or at most a few since there are so many IPV6 IP’s that can come from the IPV4 IP.


I’ve seen customers have a bunch of servers behind 1 NAT and it cause Captcha isssues for other customers. First I’d find a friend with the same provider and see if they have the same thing happen on their phone. I’d then call the carrier and talk to them about it and see if they have a range of NAT’s you could be put in. Just have all your ducks in a row before you call the carrier… " I’m having captcha issues" “whats the site that you’re having issues with?” Just know those questions might come up and be ready with response’s. Or just be honest with them and tell them you need multilogin from different IP’s for social media marketing services you provide for clients. Plus this would get you a direct quick answer instead of guessing if it’s going to change.

Just curious are you getting a 10. , 192.168, 172, or a public IP?

Edit, wanted to add:

You should be using your proxy to create the account then when you move it over to veejar the device id will reset but the ip or network range you’re on won’t.


If you are using a rooted phone and are able to change device ID, google ad ID and use JARVEE, send me a DM. I have something that will interest you.


Actually it’s depend on your country ISP, if they provide 70% of their IP in IPV6 format then it’s totally fine, but in my country still ISP are not giving IPV6 format to many users, so in that case it’s leave a footprint, specially when first few IP classes are same. I got heave blockage when I use Ipv6, but it’s work smoothly when I go with ipv4. You can do that from both mobile and desktop. In dekstop you can do it from network setting.


This is very true.

In the U.S. most IPV4 Ip’s are not able to be allocated because of exhaustion. Some countries you can still get them. My assumption was that they are in North America and so they get a IPV6 IP with an IPV4 fallback.