Question For An Aged Account (Experience/Pros Needed)

Hey there all.

So im an old instagrammer from back during the original algorithm. Before it was a big pain in the A** (back in 2015ish). I was using the now talked about mother/slave method before it was a thing… but now, im out dated. Im just now getting back into the groove of things and was wondering if anyone could help out an old timer and spoon feed me some numbers. Lol kidding, but seriously a couple questions

Im going to be running a bot to auto like and follow on an AGED account that I am pretty active on everyday. (my personal) How can i do this safely?

  1. With the IP…
    1a. Im just going to run it on the IP of my home internet and pc… this ok?
    1b. Will I be able to use my account on my phone while running the bot off of my PC?

  2. The dreaded LIMITS… what am I looking at to start off with daily (or back in the day we actually did hourly) for follows and likes.

Finally… i really honestly appreciate the help and making my life easier for anyone who puts in their 2 cents. I know its annoying, ive been there. I could test and possibly lose my account or take info from another thread and I appreciate you saving me the time. Honestly, love you guys. Cheers

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I responded to this is your other thread that you started.