Question? How is this account getting so many likes?

Quick question this account had exploded recently with likes. And I don’t believe these are bought.

Been trying to crack the code a few days now. What you guys think?

What is your definition of “exploded”?

Some of their posts have below 2k likes. Some of the more popular ones have 10K+ which for an account with 133K followers is not really impressive.

Ok so maybe the question is on my account I have almost 130k followers and my like are horrible lately. Can I DM you my account and see what you think?

Maybe shadow banned/bad hashtag use or limited exposure from Instagram :dagger:

He DMd me his account. My conclusion was improper / poor use of hashtags.

Some of the posts had 1 to 3 hashtags and they were all very broad. Something like “When you combine #sushi and #pizza, you get #sushipizza” (not an actual example).

But even that, from a audience of 130K fallowers you showd get 10% back

Not necessarily. It all depends on how the followers were acquired and how much interaction was done with them.

Give me a 6 months and I can grow you a 100K in a popular niche with poor engagement. If you give MP enough time and IG does not give you the ban hammer, it is just a matter of time.

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