[Question] How to deal with burnouts/headaches

As a student still at school, I run my agency from my phone whenever I can during the day, and then spend 3+ hours of my evening when I get home from school in front of my laptop, catching up with clients, sorting out any new invoices that need to be sent out, checking ads are running fine and haven’t bolted up in CPC, etc. You get the idea.

What I find is that because I do all of this work on my laptop in one block of the day, it only takes 3 hours or so before I start getting headaches and feeling slightly dizzy. It greatly affects my work efficiency.

I’ve tried enabling a blue-light setting on my laptop which does reduce headaches and eye strain for me, but it’s a bit of a nuisance because the brightness decreases and colours distort, so if I’m ever scheduling content or editing ads, the actual colours are different and it throws me off.

So my question is what do all the internet marketers here do that spend prolonged amounts of time on screens to reduce headaches?

Try to implement automation as good as possible.

It was just an example, sorry if I didn’t clarify, there’s a lot more I do than that. Sending invoices takes a couple of minutes but I implied that within those 3+ hours I was doing general agency work, whether that be content creation, influencer outreach, communication, anything.

Headaches? More water and salads!
Burnout? Stop your routine. Change something. Try something new and “uncool” and do more things that make you happy. Go out. Go swim. Meet people you like. Visit family. Try a new activity. Have fun. Focus on your happiness!

Also I try my best to work only 4 Hours a day, like 10am to 2pm (incl. :coffee:). Cause I really need my freetime do de-stress myself. After 2PM I switch my PC login from “Ballin” to “Freetime”.

It’s just my recipe. Maybe it helps you.


What do you think might be the reason for that?

When I am working on contracts or really boring but necessary things I try to stay as motivated as possible to push through this boring phases. Maybe that is one of the reasons you start feeling bad about it?


No I’m heavily motivated. I don’t find what I do boring at all, it’s just being in front of a screen for too long gives me those symptoms. Everyone gets those symptoms, after varying times, I was just wondering what everyone here does to combat them.

You most likely suffer from muscle contraction headache. Consider seeing a massage therapist to get your tensions sorted out.

Buy those gaming glasses that are made for gamers. They have something in the lenses that block out the light from the computer to limit any eye strain and headaches. Or just hire a cheap VA to do those tasks for you if you have the budget

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Drinking lots of water helps a lot gotta stay really hydrated

You will be pissing loads but you will notice the increase in productivity and energy

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i’ve read years ago that we need atleast 5 min rest for each hour spent in front PC and you may invest in a big monitor or install some app like influx (sorry i dont remember the name but it makes the screen kinda comfy with warm color) or maybe practice some yoga /meditation or work out for more focus/strenght or you can hire a VA

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Thanks for this tip! This is kind of what I’m looking for in an answer, it seems obvious but thinking about it I don’t drink water during working, so keeping a bottle of water next to me while I work is something I’m going to try!

Thanks for this!

Might want to visit an optometrist/doctor to get that checked, its a bit odd you would be getting eye strain on 3+ hours of computer use.

Also I’m no doctor but ensuring you have a good physical lifestyle often seems to twine in with any mental stress/headaches

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Some people already had and will have headaches, some don’t and won’t.

  • If it only happens during or after computers use, lowering the time spent on it / increase sleeping time / drinking more water / can help.

  • If it happens even outside of a computer use, it might be particular headaches, that would need a neurologic expertise (there are many different ones, and they all have a different treatment, as it’s from a different cause).

  • Anyway, you only have to worry and go straight to the emergencies when it’s a strong headache, on the first episode, that don’t go away with pain-killer, or an unusual headaches with neurological symptoms.

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Consider seeing a massage therapist, it helps with tensive headaches.

Brother, I had the exact same problem.

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Get these slightly yellow computer glasses who won’t distort the colors
  3. Exercise, you don’t need a lot of it if you’re short on time, 30 mins every day should do the job
  4. Clean up your diet
  5. Get a VA for some of the boring, easy & repetitive tasks, doesn’t cost much and will pay for itself
  6. Eat more MEAT
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Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

I would add to the previously said the following:

Take oft breaks.

Every 30 minutes take your eyes off the screen and focus for 10 minutes on a distant object as an exercise.

If you can’t do that, try to do something else away from computer like office work, papers etc, get up and walk.

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I get what you mean, maybe switch back to writing in a notebook every now and then and I could use the breaks as a plan to show what I wanted to do in my next session so I don’t overrun.

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