[Question] IG with legit link in multiple accs

So i have been testing a few methods of linking to domains, and of course the gplus method works flawlessly. Not using any redirect actually works wonders!.

But, now i wanted to promote a legit business (as opposed to CPA+CPI which is using web2), how would you go about linking to that domain in multiple accounts?

I for one have 0 interest in slowly building up the fanbase, so i plan to use the same method which is to use multiple accounts to link to the same site.

Have any one of you done this and gotten good results conversion-wise? Lets say you still have to rely on the web2, can you get the trust and sales out of it?

I have actually seen someone else saying he used affiliate marketing to drive sales to his new site using dropshipping. He contacted a bunch of influencers, and its’ quite obvious they have to use the same domain link in the bio. Granted, they are definitely 100% aged with numbers attached.

Doing this on a newly created acc and driving sales myself might pose a risk not just to my accs but also my domain.

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From the tests i did, this was a like 6-7 months ago if you use the same direct link on multiple sites and the accounts are new you’ll get them all blocked very fast. It’s true that people pay others to show their link in the bio, but that is for a limited time, on old accounts that switch that url often, you will need to keep it long term and they will see that.

Others might have gotten away with this, and if you did please share how you did it, was it luck or anything you actually did to prevent the bans? But from my experience it will be hard if not impossible to do it, especially with new accounts.

You will need to find a way to redirect the link in the bio of multiple accounts to the same site without them seeing that, from what I read delayed redirects might help with this, however I can’t tell you more about it as I haven’t tried it.

Yeah, that’s why i mentioned that it might be due to those influencers account being old. Since he only targets people who have 10k/100k and above. (check out soaesthetic), he was even featured in a bigtime newspub.

It’s affiliate link (using affiliate program tied up with ?=affcode), so they have to keep it there for at least a month to see any gains before they decide to change.

I for one haven’t tried it, hence why i asked if it was possible to do with new accs. From the looks of it, if (a big IF) you have at least 1 or 2 seriously old accs linking to it, and then start adding them to new accs, it will be less of a risk.

Redirects is a big nono for a new accs, as i’ve performed some test and it PV instantly even though it’s pointing to authority domain like gplus.

Some, of course have mentioned they got in trouble due to serving their own affiliate program. Seen it somewhere in shopify.

Let’s wait and see, maybe someone else who uses shoutouts can give us more details about how it’s done.