Question] Instagram & Affiliate URL

Hey guys, I have a quick question, I want to start an affiliate program and most my affiliates will be using Instagram for traffic.

*However upon using Instagram I have noticed the new browser opens in Instagram, it does not open in the users default search engine.

^ To my understanding this means that, if a potential customer were to click on there aff link check the product out purchase it, they would get the commission. <- The problem potentially being that most people will click the affiliate link,view the page if they are interested and want to purchase, they would copy the site URL (Not aff url) and then will go to there normal default browser and enter the site/make the purchase, this way the affiliate won’t get his deserved commission.

^ Is there anyway around that?

Thanks and sorry If I babbled I have not been active recently!

This is a problem all affiliate programs have. It’s the same as seeing something nice after clicking an affiliate link at work, and ordering in the evening at home using another computer.

The only way around this is by using a discount coupon connected with the affiliate. But it means that you have to give discounts to your clients, and affiliate commission to your affiliates.

Yeah I think the coupon may be the way to go!

Some affiliate programs has cookie life time 7 days.
I saw also affiliate programs with cookie life 3 or 6 hours.
Even when they click X and come back later or copy link you receive commission.

But most people buy same day. Most statistics/tests show this.

( not mine )

Yeah it might also be worth exploring different sales funnels. Consider the Pro’s and Cons of:

  1. IG -> Offer
  2. IG -> Aff. Code Promo -> Offer
  3. IG -> Capture email for mailing Aff Code Promo -> Email link sends user to default native browser
  4. Utilize emailing lists with drip campaigns for sales…


ALSO, consider that its very difficult to put affiliate links directly within the bio All your affiliates may eventually get their accounts banned unless they utilize some of the strategies like Landing Pages with Content Lockers, Web 2.0’s… etc…

oh yea, cookies, thats the real stuff
coupons will do the job aswell, mabye even better, everyone loves disscount

What if they buy without coupons? You get 0$

well yeah ofcourse there will be a people who will go around
those people have a few wisdom about internet marketing
so, you gotta just aim for people who will buy through your links etc
the key to be successful in affiliate programs is…drums… exposure
good quality, big, massive, exposure, thats the name of the game
the bigger the net the bigger the loot
with more honey you will catch more flys
you got the point