[Question] Jarvee ER values?

Hello just wonder if somebody understands these values? I scraped them and would like to use them for filtering out accounts with high Engagement. But I dont know what they mean.

Can anybody explain or is using these values?


Thankful for every advice…

Can you give more context?


Maybe it’s the like and comments ratio to followers?

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context: this should be the engagement rates but they don’t make sense. Thats why I can’t use them. I would like to know what these values mean so I can use them.

Guess it should be. But why it would be 42706 then?

Is this a screenshot of the software?
Or part of an export file?
Or you copy pasted the data from the CSV into a spreadsheet (which can cause some cell to bump over)

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It’s part of the exported file. I use scrape function in Jarvee and open the files with excel (no copy pasteing). Sry should have clarifyed that.

I also think commas or points are missing. but I dont know where to put them. I also thought it’s maybe a cell formating issue because in the first cell there is 31.31 (which could be an engagement ratio). but it was not.

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