[QUESTION] Mailchimp useful?

For the guys that use or used this in the past, I wanna ask you a question:

How many emails can you send a day with the basic package?

I just need to know if I can reach around 100-150 people daily with this system.

Free Plan: 2000 Contacts / 10000 Mails a month

I upgraded my plan to test an email sequence with automated affiliate mails. I was supended…

In their TOS you are not allowed to do “Affiliate Marketing”

But maybe I was deactivated because I sent a test to my personal mail, which included 7 Mails at one time and it was declared as “spam”…

*Sorry for my english

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Planning to send emails to new users everytime.

Not selling anything. Just throwing a punchline for them.

MailChimp is good used it for a while but depending on what you’re selling/doing they can be restrictive.

I know from first-hand experience they’re not keen on affiliate links :smiley:

https://www.getresponse.co.uk/ seems very good I like the email automation a lot.

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Only sending written proposals for further collabs. No links, no pics.

Take a little look at SendGrid. We use this on quite a large scale, but we used it even when we started.


is it possible to do some automated sequences mails?

It certainly is. Quick Google Search brought up this guide here.

Will take a look at it. Thank you very much!